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About Us

Friends and the media describe Ted Silverberg as an innovator, visionary, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, charity auctioneer, competitive athlete, family man, leader and a  business conduit.”


President and CEO Ted Silverberg began his insurance career in 1985, and from the start, has been renowned nationally as a true leader and pioneer in insurance planning and procurement. He has won numerous national insurance awards for his work and his  accomplishments, and has been featured in magazines and industry publications.

In addition to insurance planning, Ted’s career continued as a highly sought after industry trainer and motivational speaker.  He went on to start and build several successful companies, and was named to the advisory boards of several insurance industry groups.

Ted has lived in Malibu California since 1980 and has raised 2 amazing daughters in the Malibu school system. He loves surfing, traveling, stand up paddling, mixed martial arts, and is an all around happy man!

Using Life Insurance to Your Advantage!

Malibu Insurance Group has been prestigiously recognized as  “The life insurance gurus” and Innovators of custom design Estate and Business succession planning.

In the 1980’s Ted designed unique and radically forward thinking uses for Life Insurance. His unique concepts formed new innovative methods of asset protection, charitable giving, estate planning and protection. Ted helped devise and place policies that built tax benefitted estates and legacies.  Ted’s work provided for families, pets, companies and the insured’s favorite causes and charities at the policy owners demise.

“Will you leave anything for your children,  grandchildren, favorite cause, or a  favorite learning institution or social concern?”

A little planning and a little capital can go a very long way. No two people have the same situation and needs, therefore Ted will find and help you develop the ideal policy or policies for your needs. That’s how Ted’s creative expertise has become an “art”. Ted has helped people fund dreams and will help simplify not just how the policy is written but make receipt of the settlement proceeds, seamless, and he will work with you to update the policies on a consistent basis.

“Plan with us today for your dreams tomorrow!”

“Life insurance is not about death…. Its about the state of the human heart”.
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